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Iron Cross 2nd Class '138

A very beautiful iron cross 2nd class, the cross has a lot of character and is certainly used, judging by the condition. The cross is nicely marked in the ring with number 138. Only the ribbon is missing, it is easy to buy somewhere for little money, this cross is offered for little money so that you have money left to buy a ribbon, all in all a very nice iron cross in used condition for a fair price.

Code: 50101


Glasses with box

Beautiful glasses in its metal box, a very nice set for display or on a mannequin. Both the metal box and the glasses themselves are in very good condition, no cracks or tears. The box can still be opened and closed. A nice complete set in very good condition.

Code: 50099


Adolf Hitler Postcard

A nice photo of Adolf Hitler, we see him here in his uniform with the decoration of the iron cross first class, version from the first world war. The bracelet with the swastika is also visible. All in all a nice photo and a nice addition to any collection.

Code: 50098

25.00 EUR

Wehrmacht Glasses

Nice goggles that were used by soldiers of the Wehrmacht, for example, they put on a lot of dust, so your eyes were well protected, these goggles were widely used by the Africa troops, beautiful goggles in good condition.

Code: 50097


Wehrmacht Gasmask Canister

Very nice Wehrmacht gas mask Canister, the canister is in very nice condition and has almost all its green paint still on the canister, there also seems to be a name label on it, but this is no longer legible, all moving parts work, no dents or major damage, all in all a nice canister in used condition.

Code: 50096

85.00 EUR

Wehrmacht Canteen

A nice cheap canteen from the Wehrmacht, the canteen is no longer complete, has no cover and a large cup, the straps are missing. A nice item for display or on a mannequin. All in all, a nice canteen for a small price.

Code: 50095

15.00 EUR

Hitlerjugend Belt

A very nice belt from the Hitler Youth, in very good condition, the buckle is made of steel, which is less common. On the back it is nicely marked with RZM M4 / 22. The belt is in good condition, the leatherwork is nice and smooth. A nice complete belt in good condition.

Code: 50094

135.00 EUR


Beautiful original set, a folk gas mask with filter and manual, a complete set in original condition, these gas masks were used a lot by the Volkssturm, so beautiful for a late war display!

Code: 50093


Wehrmacht Flashlight WIF

Nice flashlight from the Wehrmacht, the flashlight is in good used condition. the cover can still open and close.
Some paint has come off here and there, but still in good condition. On the front are the markings, WIF All in all, a nice flashlight. On the upside the text: 'Heereseigentum'.

Code: 50092


Wehrmacht Tornister

Beautiful Tornister of the Wehrmacht, the bag is in good condition complete with all straps and closures.
The horsehair is in great condition. On the back of the bag is a marking with 'Augsburg 1942'. All in all a very nice tornister in perfect condition.

Code: 50091

80.00 EUR