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Framed Wehrmacht Portrait

A great framed portrait of a Wehrmacht soldier, in the photo we see him in his combat uniform with visible two decorations, an infantry badge and a wounded badge in black, furthermore he has a distinction ribbon through the buttonhole, on the left chest of the The sewn Wehrmacht eagle sits uniformly, the collar mirrors and the shoulder pads are also nicely visible, a chevron can be seen on the arm and finally his beautiful Wehrmacht sidecap. All in all, a great portrait of a Wehrmacht soldier, this is a very nice item for in the display case or on the wall.

Code: 50122

60.00 EUR

Volunteers Patch Georgia

A very nice volunteer patch for the country of Georgia, probably unused or removed from the uniform. The patch is without damage, no tears or holes to be discovered. This is a very nice item for in the display case or to complete a uniform.

Code: 50121

45.00 EUR

Wehrmacht Heer 'Reibert' Handbook

A very nice and rarely seen manual in this condition, a very nice book by the Wehrmacht full of instructional photos and explanations of, for example, how a weapon is put together, names of medals, ranks and uniforms. It also contains general information about the third reich, including historical documents and famous people at that time. All in all, a very nice book in great condition, great item to add to your collection.

Code: 50120

75.00 EUR

Fallschirmjäger Parachute Scarf

Quite a special item here, a piece of a Fallschirmjager parachute cloth, it is a nice big piece, these pieces were often used as a scarf by the parachutists. This is a nice example piece, great to put on a Fallschirmjager doll or to decorate the background of a display, all in all a very nice original item for any collector.

Code: 50119

75.00 EUR

Deutsches Rotes Kreuz Book

A very nice book by the DRK, the book is in great condition, no tears, stains or holes in the pages or in the cover, the book feels very sturdy. There are many explanatory pictures for the members of the red cross, such as how certain injuries should be treated. A very nice book for the DRK collector, this item should certainly not be missing.

Code: 50118

65.00 EUR


A used but in very neat condition, a Arbeitsbuch from the Third Reich. A lot has been written and stamped in the booklet, but the outside looks like it has never been used. A very nice complete example of a very neat Arbeitsbuch.

Code: 50117

25.00 EUR

NSDAP Party Flag

A nice small size combination flag of the third reich and the reichswehr. Both flags are in good condition, and are connected with a string, it is an early version of the stitching, the flags are double-sided. In this combination of third reich and reichswehr, flags are a lot rarer and less often seen than the standard versions. All in all, a very nice display flag, for example in the display case.

Code: 50116

165.00 EUR

Infantry Sturmbadge Silver

A beautiful infantry sturmbadge in silver, the badge has a very nice patina, this is a hollow version, probably an unmarked 'Schickle'. The needle is still in operation and can be opened and closed. There seems to be glue residue at the bottom of the needle, so it is possible that the needle has been repaired, if this is the case, this probably happened before 1945. Not sure if the needle has been repaired or not, I keep the price low, all in all a very nice badge in very good condition.

Code: 50115

110.00 EUR

Wounded Badge

A very nicely wound badge in the black version, the badge is in great condition, on the front almost all black paint is present, the needle is still open and closable. A very nice unmarked wound badge in great condition.

Code: 50114


DRL Sportbadge bronze

A nice bronze DRL sports badge in very good condition, the patina is very good, the badge actually shows no damage, the clasp is also working and can still be opened and closed. The badge is nicely marked on the back with the manufacturer 'Wernstein Jena' and with D.R.G.M. 35269, all in all a very nice sports badge with a nice patina in very good condition.

Code: 50113

35.00 EUR