M40 Combat Helmet 'Wehrmacht Heer' M40 Combat Helmet 'Wehrmacht Heer' M40 Combat Helmet 'Wehrmacht Heer'

M40 Combat Helmet 'Wehrmacht Heer'

Beautiful M40 helmet in very nice condition. The helmet is in good condition, you can definitely see that it has been used, which makes a combat helmet beautiful. The helmet was found in an attic in Denmark, and is in the name of Private Wölker. The decal has been slightly modified after the war, but most of the decal is still nicely preserved. A beautiful helmet for any WWII collector, great on a mannequin or for display in the showcase. Here is some background information about the Wehrmacht, the Wehrmacht was the army of Nazi Germany that was built up from 1935 to 1945 under the political and later direct leadership of Adolf Hitler. Before that, during the Weimar Republic, the German armed forces were known as the Reichswehr. The Wehrmacht consisted of the Heer (land forces), Kriegsmarine (naval forces) and Luftwaffe (air forces). All soldiers in this army had to swear an oath of allegiance to Hitler personally. When the Nazi Party took power in 1933, Hitler decided as quickly as possible and with great daring to establish the Wehrmacht, a modern and emphatically offensive force that could support the long-term goals of the Nazis to reclaim lost territory and recapture it. . This required the reinstatement of conscription and huge investment and expenditure in the arms industry. The Wehrmacht played a crucial role in World War II in achieving the political objectives of Nazi Germany. The Wehrmacht was also partly responsible for committing war crimes, mainly on the eastern front against the Soviet Union and in the Balkans. The Wehrmacht also contributed in part to Hitler's Holocaust (by providing logistical support to and cooperation in mass murders committed by the Einsatzgruppen). On the other hand, the Wehrmacht has also been resisting the Nazi regime since 1938, the most famous example being the failed attack and coup d'état by a group around Claus Schenk von Stauffenberg. A number of commanders have also ignored orders to execute Jews and/or prisoners of war and there are known cases of Wehrmacht soldiers who helped Jews to go into hiding.

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