Postcard 'Gasthof Lambach am Chiemsee' Postcard 'Gasthof Lambach am Chiemsee'

Postcard 'Gasthof Lambach am Chiemsee'

Very nice postcard of one of the living spaces that Adolf Hitler owned. The postcard is in unused condition and has never been sent. A very nice postcard for display in the showcase, very nice with other Adolf Hitler related items or photos. Here's some background information on Adolf Hitler, Adolf Hitler (Braunau am Inn, April 20, 1889 – Berlin (Führerbunker), April 30, 1945) was an Austrian-Hungarian-born German politician, war criminal, responsible for crimes against humanity. He is held personally responsible for the Third Reich's racial policies and the deaths of millions of people who died during his reign. He was the leader of the National Socialist German Workers' Party (NSDAP). On January 30, 1933 he came to power as Chancellor of Germany and after August 2, 1934 as head of state (Führer and Reich Chancellor). He was in power until his death in 1945. Hitler is most famous for his pivotal role in the rise of National Socialism, World War II and the Holocaust.

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