Pennant 'Hitlerjugend' Pennant 'Hitlerjugend' Pennant 'Hitlerjugend' Pennant 'Hitlerjugend'

Pennant 'Hitlerjugend'

Beautiful and hard to find Hitlerjugend pennant in good used condition. The pennant is in good condition, the colors of the swatsika are slightly faded. These pennants are more difficult to find than, for example, the well-known Hitlerjugend bracelets. This is a super piece in a Hitler Youth display. Here is some background information about the Hitlerjugend, the Hitlerjugend was founded in 1922 but did not amount to much in the first few years. The Hitler Youth was only approved by Adolf Hitler on July 27, 1926. In 1932, the last year of the Weimar Republic, the Hitler Youth had about 100,000 members. That was not much compared to the approximately ten million members of the Reichsausschuß Deutscher Jugendverbände (the state organization for German youth associations). In those years, no other country had a youth movement as vital and extensive as this Jugendverbände. But Hitler attached great importance to the Nazification of this youth movement: after the seizure of power by the NSDAP, this would soon change.

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