Medal 'Mutterkreuz Bronze' Medal 'Mutterkreuz Bronze' Medal 'Mutterkreuz Bronze' Medal 'Mutterkreuz Bronze'

Medal 'Mutterkreuz Bronze'

Nice Mutterkreuz in bronze in good condition. The mother cross is in good condition, but it is clearly visible that it has been used, some minor scratches here and there, no cracks in the enamel. The cross is complete with the accompanying long ribbon. Beautiful Mutterkreuz in good condition, very nice item for display in the display case. Here is some background information about the Mutterkreuz, the "Mother Cross", called in German in full Ehrenkreuz der Deutschen Mutter, was a decoration instituted in 1938 by the German Führer and Chancellor Adolf Hitler. The German government openly professed an ideology in which the number of Germans, as far as of the Germanic race, had to grow explosively. Large families and fertility were idealized in the propaganda and the government strove to allow the German mother to live and work at home, with her family. Women's emancipation was not promoted: she was there only to bear and raise children. Hitler went so far as to call the family "the battlefield of the mother" in one speech.

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