Book 'Mein Kampf 1938' Book 'Mein Kampf 1938' Book 'Mein Kampf 1938' Book 'Mein Kampf 1938' Book 'Mein Kampf 1938'

Book 'Mein Kampf 1938'

Here is a very nice book called Mein Kampf written by Adolf Hitler. The book is used but certainly still in neat condition for display or to read yourself for historical reasons. The book is missing a page with the photo of Adolf Hitler, if you want to use this book as a display item or to read it yourself, this is of course no problem. All in all a very nice and interesting periodical book from 1938. Here some information about the book Mein Kampf, Mein Kampf is the book by Adolf Hitler that contains his ideas about Germany, race and politics. The first part was largely dictated by himself during his imprisonment in 1924 in the prison of Landsberg am Lech and was edited with a view to publication by Rudolf Hess (Hitler's secretary at the time), by associates, including the temporarily refugee Ernst Hanfstaengl and the priest and journalist Bernhard Stempfle, and fellow inmates. Less well known is the great and direct influence of Dr. Karl Haushofer, a renowned German geopolitician. Some of Henry Ford's ideas are also mentioned verbatim.

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