Postcard 'Fliegerschützenabzeichen' Postcard 'Fliegerschützenabzeichen'

Postcard 'Fliegerschützenabzeichen'

Here a very nice paperwork item such as a postcard, photo, document, certificate or something similar. The condition of this item can be judged by the attached photos. This paper item offered by us is guaranteed to be original, like all of our militaria we list unless otherwise noted. This item is very nice for display with other militaria items. We try to offer a wide range of photos here, always military related. We offer the items as competitively priced as possible. We are in favor of photos that are always in a decent format, so no excessively small photos on which you just don't see anything. If you are looking for certain items related to paperwork or other militaria related items, you can always message us. See the 'contact' section for our contact details.

Code: 50588

30.00 EUR