Cloth 'Waffen SS Zeltbahn / Smock' Cloth 'Waffen SS Zeltbahn / Smock'

Cloth 'Waffen SS Zeltbahn / Smock'

Very nice cloth piece of a Waffen SS zeltbahn or Smock. The piece was probably torn or cut off from a Waffen SS smock or zeltbahn. This is your chance to get an original piece of cloth from a Waffen SS for a very reasonable price, a very nice item for display, for example with some medals or something specific that has to do with the Waffen SS. These Waffen SS cloth pieces can also be used very well in a Riker display case. The size of this cloth piece is approximately 22 x 12 centimeters. Here is some background information about the Waffen SS, the Waffen SS was a paramilitary organization and later also a full part of the Wehrmacht, the army of Nazi Germany. The organization was the military branch of the SS and was founded in 1934 under the name SS-Verf√ľgungstruppe. She was given the name Waffen-SS in 1940. As part of the SS, the Waffen-SS was formally led by Heinrich Himmler.

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