Badge 'Eisernes Kreuz 1. Klasse' & Box

Here a great ek1 complete with the accompanying box, the set belongs together originally. A beautiful set, this is an early iron cross first class, can be attributed to the maker W&L. A truly beautiful set in very nice condition, the box also has no flaws, here and there some signs of wear, just like on the iron cross, but no flaws to be found. The cross is the beautiful vaulted version. All in all, a very nice set of an iron cross first class with the original accompanying box. Here some background information, The Iron Cross 1st class was awarded about 300 thousand times during the Second World War. Adolf Hitler also received this decoration, which he acquired in the First World War. This cross was fastened without a ribbon on the left chest. To this end, the reverse side was provided with a buckle or screw. German soldiers used to wear their Iron Cross 1st class on their uniforms also at the front and on less formal occasions. (This item is from my private collection!)

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