Badge 'SA Sportabzeichen' Silver

Here a very nice silver SA sports badge. The badge is in very good condition, it has a beautiful patina. The badge has been worn neatly, there are some light signs of wear on the front, just like on the back. The functional hook is also present, it can still open and close easily. Markings can be found on the back (see photos), it is marked with: R. Sieper & Sohne Eigentum der Obersten S.A. Fuhrung Ludenscheid. All in all, a very nice SA sports badge in worn but good condition. Nice to upgrade a uniform or to use as a display item. Here some background information, Sports badge of the SA was an award from the NSDAP, more specifically from the SA. After 1935, this badge could also be acquired by non-SA members. 1,052,661 copies of this badge were issued between Adolf Hitler's institution on November 28, 1933 to 1937. (This item is from my private collection!)

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245.00 EUR