Medal 'Eisernes Kreuz 2. Klasse'

Here a very beautiful iron cross 2nd class. The cross is in mint condition. The cross is complete with the accompanying ribbon, it is still orange, which indicates that it is an early production, these ribbons were later produced only in red, this is in my opinion the most beautiful color ribbon there is, and is also rarer . This is a beautiful set of cross with ribbon complete. Wonderful for in the display case or in the display case. Here some background information. During World War II, Adolf Hitler reintroduced the Iron Cross. This time it was not a military decoration, but a knighthood. The ribbon was now black, white and red. The cross was slightly thicker and showed the swastika in the center with the year 1939 on the obverse and 1813 on the reverse. (This item is from my private collection!)

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